Campaign launched to make baseball’s Opening Day a national holiday

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Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith is among those leading the charge to make opening day of the Major League Baseball season a national holiday.

Smith has teamed up with Budweiser in St. Louis to try to get 100,000 signatures on a “We the People” petition within 30 days, to garner review and response from the White House.

The petition calls MLB Opening Day a “day of hope” and “an American tradition” that deserves to be recognized as an American holiday.

The petition was created February 24.  As of Wednesday morning, February 26, more than 23,000 signatures were on the petition.  The deadline to meet the 100,000-signature goal is March 26, 2014.

To see the online petition, click here.  

Tell us what you think – should baseball’s opening day be an official holiday? 

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  • Michael P. Powers

    Everything else in the United States is or, has a legal holiday…The merchandisers of the world are just pissed off because it doesn’t affect wal marts bottom line for the moment, but once they realize that jerseys, and hats sell like hotcakes they’ll be on board too…

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