Rock Island planning for 2034

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The City of Rock Island Tuesday welcomed residents into St. John Lutheran Church to review the draft of the long-term comprehensive plan.

Billed as a way to plan for the city's "social, environmental and economic" future over the next two decades, city leaders have tried to get input from current residents so that everyone's on the same page going forward.

"Looking at things down the road," Rock Island resident Peter Ruklic told News 8 Tuesday, "what kind of city do we want to have [and] what issues do we face in the next 20 years?!"

Through the plan, the city is working to:

  • Provide more transportation choices.
  • Promote equitable, affordable housing.
  • Enhance economic competitiveness.
  • Support existing communities.
  • Coordinate policies and leverage investment.
  • Value communities and neighborhoods

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