Senator wants to delay Illinois deer season by one day

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A state lawmaker says delaying firearm deer hunting by one day would reduce absenteeism in Illinois schools.

Senator Dave Luchtefeld of Okawville said some schools report 30 to 35% of students absent on the first day of firearm deer hunting season, which traditionally starts in Illinois on the Friday before Thanksgiving.

"Absolutely we have kids gone during that time frame and I would submit that almost any rural schools going to have a large percentage of students gone on that day every year," said Gavin Sronce, Principal at Mercer County High School.

Luchtefeld said school superintendents have suggested to him that the season’s start date be moved to the Saturday before Thanksgiving to benefit all students.

That would move the first three-day period to include the Monday before Thanksgiving, but Luchtefeld says he thinks many of the hunters would be back in school by then because they would have taken a deer over the weekend.

"If you made it Saturday, Sunday, Monday, by Monday, most of them would be back, they might have already killed a deer," said Luchtefeld.

SB 2645 was introduced January 21, 2014, and was most recently under consideration by the Agriculture and Conservation committee.

Luchtefeld, a Republican, has been a state senator since 1995.

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  • Mom of a deer hunting family

    For my family it wouldn’t make a difference if deer season is on Friday, Saturday Sunday or Saturday Sunday Monday. I will allow my children to miss Friday or Monday either way. My family depends on that meat and we as a family utilize all three days in hopes to fill our freezer with meat.

  • erik

    Sometimes one can learn more from spending a day out in the words with their father or some other mentoring person than they could in the school

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