Bakery back after water woes in Rock Falls

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Folsom's Bakery found a sweetheart for Valentine's Day on Friday in Rock Falls.

"We've been just crazy busy," said Hillary Garza from behind the counter.

It's the local landmark's second busiest day of the year. But when Rock Falls lost water service on Thursday, the bakery nearly lost thousands in sales.

"It is insane," said Nikki Rivera, between decorating valentine treats. "When we heard that we might not open, we were just kind of freaking out. What were we going to do?"

The family-owned bakery had to shut down on Thursday with other Rock Falls businesses. It got the go-ahead on Friday morning to use bottled water to mix dough and other ingredients. That made a crucial day even more challenging.

"I started figuring up weights and stuff," said third generation owner Jim Helle. "What I was going to need to get by for a day or two."

That urgency was met with relief on Friday. The bakery was back in business just in time for Valentine's Day.

Staffers were busy trying to make up for lost time. Helle was back in action and pouring chocolate for Friday orders.

"Once they said we were able to open up, we went to it," he said.

Customers were stopping by for all sorts of colorful items.

"We drove by and made sure the open sign was on," said customer Heather Casey. "We were excited. It's very relieving."

It was great to be open again. This mom-and-pop shop depends on this day.

"Water, no water," Garza concluded. "People still want their sweets."

Looks like Folsom's Bakery fashioned some sweetheart deals in Rock Falls this Valentine's Day.