Tired of winter, Moline woman paints flowers on her snow-covered yard

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Spring may still feel like it's months away, but one woman in Moline isn’t waiting around.

Instead, she is bringing spring early.

Even with paintbrushes in her green and red paint-covered hands, Carolyn Bounds does not consider herself an artist.

“No, I wish I was,” she said.

But when you see what she did to her yard, you might disagree.

“I just thought it was something dumb to do when the snow's flying and you're cold…make something look pretty,” said Bounds.

Sick of all the white snow and tired of being inside, Bounds used acrylic paints and a glass cleaner bottle full of food coloring to paint mounds of green grass and smiling flowers on her snow-covered yard.

“I'm just having fun. My second childhood maybe,” she said.

She's painted a cardinal and a butterfly, too, creating a garden getaway for a non-artist who just wanted a little color and maybe a smile or two.

“Well I think everybody ought to smile,” said Bounds.

The total project took her eight hours.

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