Outstanding Scott County warrants posted online

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Scott County Sheriff’s Office has begun posting outstanding arrest warrants to their website.

Starting Wednesday, February 12, 2014 active warrants for local law enforcement agencies and the Sheriff’s Office were posted online.

“It will be in a format similar to the Jail Inmate Listing for ease of use and will include photos if someone has previously been arrested,” said a spokesperson from Scott County Sheriff’s Office.

The purpose of the warrant section is to “inform and engage” the community as well as encourage anybody who may have an outstanding warrant to take care of it. It is updated daily.

“We anticipate this is another way for the public to feed us info again either through Crime Stoppers or through their law enforcement agency that’s listed as holding the warrant,” said Sheriff Dennis Conard from Scott County.

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  • Bob Berger

    Why can’t RICO have websites similar to Scott County’s Jail Inmate Listing, (Daily Arrests), and now Outstanding Arrest Warrants? Might make their job a little easier.

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