Beyond the Green Screen: Crawling Out of the Deep Freeze

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Records and hearts were broken this morning. Temperatures plummeted into the double digits below zero in many of our hometowns. The Quad City International Airport set a record low of 22 degrees below zero which broke the record of minus 15 degrees that originally took place in 1885!

I think it’s safe to say that winter and snow lovers can agree these extreme cold temperatures have been hanging around too long. They certainly have. It has been rare as of late to get our daytime highs above freezing. The good news is that this is about to change.

We will see temperatures slightly above freezing as early as Thursday. By the end of the weekend highs will be close to 40 degrees! Normally I wouldn’t get so excited about temperatures in the 30s and 40s but this season has been anything but normal with temperatures averaging below normal and snowfall averaging above normal.

Have you been making a list of all things you can’t wait to do when the temperatures warm up? I certainly have. First, I can’t wait to walk in sidewalks and on my driveway without having to watch every step that I take so that I don’t fall. Second, I’m looking forward to taking my dog outside and not having to stand in the cold while she takes care of business. She requires that I pick her up when she’s done. She shows this by lifting one paw off the ground telling me that she’s too cold to move anymore. It’s quite cute but a little diva-ish. Finally, I can’t wait to get a car wash!