The winners and losers in a snow storm

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Every time a snow storm passes through the Quad Cities, it's costly for some and pays off for others.

Cities like Rock Island have spent thousands of dollars on snow removal.

“Well, right now we are probably at about 75 percent of what we budgeted for,” said Rock Island Public Works Director Randy Tweet.

Tweet added that Rock Island budgeted for roughly $52,000 of overtime pay for plow drivers but, with the consistent snowfalls, they have already spent a little more than $40,000.  The current budget has to last until April 1, 2014.  That’s when the 2014 fiscal year begins.

The same snow storms that cost the city money can bring profits to some businesses.

Snow removal companies like King’s Landscaping & Maintenance hope the snow continues to fall.

“We're making money this year, finally. The last couple years have been kind of lean,” said Justin King, owner of King’s Landscaping & Maintenance.

King’s business relies on snowy winters. During the spring and summer, they stay busy with landscaping projects. When the cold settles in, he and his seven employees rely solely on plowing snow.

This winter has been keeping him busy.

“We have been out a lot, there’s no catching up. Every three days it seems like we have been out plowing snow,” said King.

Unlike cities who have to pay to remove the snow, King is welcoming more.