Snow means boom for body shop business

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A rough winter is big business as snowstorms, and the crashes that go with them, have made some local body shops so busy, they're booked solid.

Snow, snow and more snow!  While mostly many say they've had enough of it, it's what keeps body shops like Precision Collision busy in Davenport.

"Very very busy, we'll be busy for four or five months, I'm sure," said owner Todd Doss.

Its twice as busy as it was last year at Arnold's Body Shop in Davenport.

"People get in a hurry and they forget how long it takes to stop in the snow," said vice-president, Joe Arnold.

Arnold says their calls range from minor fender benders to bigger messes like the one on Monday, when 30 cars were involved in wrecks on I-74.

All that extra business is a double-edged sword for both shops. It's harder to keep up, not to mention getting their hands on parts.

"We have cars parked next door, stocked inside, just waiting to come in when we get parts," said Doss.

It's a problem that won't let up as long as the winter weather sticks around.

"Be careful as you're going out there, because there's going to be accidents and there's too many opportunities for it," said Arnold.

Right now, it's taking about three weeks to a month for a car to get repaired.

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