Super Bowl ads already circulating the internet

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The Super Bowl is only a few days away, but Super Bowl ads are already circulating online.

If you ask people what their favorite part of watching TV is, the answer won’t likely be the commercials. But then there are some that bring visible emotions, like that shake you get when laughing, a chuckle, a smile, the look of pure confusion.

Friday afternoon, several patrons at Cool Beanz in Rock Island watched a few of the commercials the estimated 108 million people expected to watch the Super Bowl will see during breaks and half time. But by Sunday, some of those Super Bowl commercials will be old news, because many have already seen them.

Many of the Super Bowl ads are already circulating on the internet. Experts say big brands are releasing them ahead of the big game because of all the press coverage that comes along with it.

But some feel the early release could have a downside.

“I wonder if they are finding people are not watching the super bowl as much,” said a Cool Beanz patron.

At an estimated $4 million for an ad, the companies are likely hoping they’ll get more than smiles and laughs in return.