Rockridge senior takes leadership role on basketball team

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A senior on Rockridge High School's basketball team has turned into a team leader ahead of playing at a higher level next year.

Ethan Happ will be attending University of Wisconsin – Madison in the fall, but before switching gears he’s working to remain focused on the season at hand with the Rockets. He said leaving will be sad, but also exciting.

“I’ve been playing with a lot of these guys since I was in third or fourth grade,” Happ said. “It’s a really special group of kids, I mean I’m having a lot of fun playing with them.”

Head Coach Toby Whiteman said he’s pleased with the role model Happ has become and appreciates his hard work with the team.

“He’s just a great role model all the way around,” Whiteman said. “For two years I’ve really stressed to Ethan the mental aspect of the game of basketball and about being a leader and always thinking about things, not necessarily just in the moment but he’s really taken that role on this year and done a heck of a job and I think you can see that out there with his leadership.”

Happ said he’s been blessed with the opportunity to play and looks to a spiritual side for help and guidance.

“I definitely think that’s a big part of my game and having Him look over me and watch over our team,” said Happ.