Princess Diana Exhibit Leaves the Quad Cities

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After spending four months at the Putnam Museum in Davenport, the Princess Diana Exhibit - "Diana: A Celebration" - sold more than 40,000 tickets, with guests coming from 42 different states.

"When the region turns out the way they have for 'Diana,' it's a good thing for the Putnam Museum," says President of the Putnam Museum, Kim Findlay. "It's a good thing for the Quad Cities."

She says big "blockbuster" exhibits like 'Diana' are also economic development opportunities for the Quad City area.

"We saw 39 bus tours come into town for this exhibit and we know that when people come from 42 other states, they're shopping at our retail stores, they're eating at our restaurants, they're staying in our hotels - it's a good thing."

The wedding gown, the crown, and all the rest now moves to Cincinnati, Ohio for the exhibit's last stop ever in the United States.

Meanwhile, the Putnam is already preparing for their next exhibit, called 'C.S.I.: The Experience." It will be based on the popular television show.