Illinois State Police find more than $75,000 hidden in vehicle

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Cash seized during traffic stop on US 30 - photo from Illinois State Police

Cash seized during traffic stop on US 30 - photo from Illinois State Police

Cash seized during traffic stop on US 30 – photo from Illinois State Police

Illinois State Police say they found more than $75,000 in bundled cash during a traffic stop.

Police say they stopped a vehicle for making a u-turn on U.S. Route 30 near Matteson at about 2:30 p.m. Monday, January 20, 2014.  They discovered during the stop that the driver did not have a valid driver’s license.

As police were searching the vehicle, another vehicle stopped and someone in that vehicle said they were related to someone in the first vehicle.

Police ended up searching both vehicles.  They say they found “tools and other items of interest involved in narcotics trafficking.”  Police also said they found $75,100 in bundled cash in one of the vehicles.

All of the civilians at the traffic stop denied knowing anything about the money.

“Large currency amounts seized during traffic stops, especially those hidden in compartments intended to avoid detection from law enforcement, are usually related to organized crime and narcotics trafficking,” said ISP Major Joseph Perez.  “This is yet another example of how far criminals will go to hide illegal drugs, cash and dangerous weapons,” he added.

The driver was given a written warning for an illegal u-turn and a citation for no valid driver’s license.

“All four subjects were released pending further investigation of the matter,” according to a statement from Illinois State Police.

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    • Angela Snell

      Probably forfeited to a “task force”, in TN they also take the cars. In some cases even after people have proof that the $ has nothing to do with drugs, it can take years to get property back if at all. This is what years of building a militarized police force gets you, I live in a small town in KY with less than 5000 in the entire county and we have an armored personnel carrier, swat van, swat team and not enough books in our schools.

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