Silvis boy home after successful heart transplant

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In September, 13 year old Daniel Lyons of Silvis was told his heart was failing. In January 2014, he returned home from a successful heart transplant with a new heart.

“I'm sad that somebody else lost their loved one, but I'm thankful that they donated their heart to my son,” said Laura Lyons, Daniel’s mom.

On September 28, 2013, Daniel, who has asthma, couldn’t breathe. The next day, Daniel went to the Emergency Room and found out his heart was enlarged. He was transported to Peoria. The second day there, he went into cardiac arrest. He was then flown to St. Louis, where he was in a coma for one week.  After spending a month in the hospital, Daniel was told he could go home, as long as he was wearing a device that would help keep him alive.

In the middle of December, Daniel was put on a heart transplant list and just one week later his mom received a call that a heart was ready and waiting for him in St. Louis.

“I'm just thankful that Daniel got a heart within a week,” said Lyons.

On Christmas Eve, Daniel went in for surgery.

"It is the very, very best Christmas present I ever got,” said Lyons.

“I was scared,” said Daniel Lyons, “Cause I thought I wasn't going to wake up.”

His surgery lasted twelve hours and was successful.

“The heart was working, pounding and there was no complications, rejections nothing,” said Lyons. “My son was in surgery for twelve hours on Christmas Eve, but at least he's here today and he has a new heart and he's doing well,” she added.

Daniel spent one week in the hospital in St. Louis and a week in the Ronald McDonald House.

“He was moving around slow at first, he was just ready to go back home like mom was,” said Lyons.

On Tuesday, January 7, 2014, Daniel and his mom were finally able to go home.

“I'm just glad that it's all over with, hopefully,” said Lyons.

Home now, Daniel is quiet about what he went through. His mom says his emotions are up and down.

“I've noticed with Daniel since he's got his new heart, he doesn't look so worried all the time,” said Lyons.

And Daniel said he feels, "good, better.”

His new heart is allowing his family to relax.

“It's a big weight off my shoulders,” said Lyons.

A fund is set up to help with Daniel's medical bills at IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union.

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