Don’t try this at home: Hot water experiment goes horribly wrong

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A Wisconsin woman suffered serious injury trying a popular winter experiment of making vapor by throwing hot water into cold air.

The experiment seems to have been especially popular in the past week, when much of the country was in the grips of the polar vortex that dropped temperatures to record lows.  Television and online videos have shown demonstrations of hot water turning to vapor when it is thrown into frigid winter air.

On Monday, January 6th, it went wrong for 22-year-old Crystal Wallem according to a report from WITI.

Wallem says a thermometer showed her the water she used was about 220 degrees  after she heated it on the stove.  Seeking a more dramatic effect, Wallem filled a bucket with several gallons of boiling water.

When she threw the water into the air, the wind shifted and her back was covered in scalding water and steam.

Wallen ended up in a hospital emergency room with second-degree burns.  Her family says Wallem was the third person to check into the hospital with burns from that same trick.

“It hurt so bad. I was probably the worst pain I have ever felt,” Wallem said.  “At least for the scars to go away, if they go away at all, it could take up to a year. It should take a few weeks for it to heal enough to the point I don’t have bandages on.”


    • Larry

      I agree that his is really unfortunate and I also agree that people making light of this woman’s injuries are even less fortunate. I’ll let them figure that one out, since they are so brilliant. However, common sense probably would have told me to note wind direction first.

  • Flynntastic

    I wouldn’t say “Don’t try this at home”, I think, “Don’t throw caution into the wind.” suites this better…

  • X-QC

    Wow, glad you jerks find this woman’s second degree burns amusing. Why don’t you leave the comedy to real comedians?

  • Jacob

    You people commenting to defend this woman are about as dumb as the people insulting her. Trolling would just die out if people were mature enough to just ignore arrogant people.

  • Mark

    Experience the best teacher? The classic Wet Paint poster comes to mind. Regardless…a person just has to touch. Here? She just had to pull the ‘Emeril’ and kick it up a notch. The problem? it was the experiment that went “BAM!”

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