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Cold weather causes problems for homeowners

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Freezing weather outside can take a toll inside. Plumbing and heating businesses have been working around the clock to handle extra calls right now. There's several tips you can follow to prevent having a big problem at your house.

Call after call, always on the go, a routine plumbers like Mark Jones is use to.

"Once the temperatures drop below zero, it don't take long for the pipes to freeze," said Jones.

Jones who works for Petersen Plumbing and Heating says over the last couple of days, they've gone to more than 100 homes. Most visits are for frozen and broken pipes, which Jones says can be avoided by letting a little water run in your sink.

The calls continued for Crawford Heating and Cooling Company Tuesday evening, January 7, 2014. Their main calls are broken furnaces.

"We're furnace doctors. We're on call 24 hours a day, we have to come out anytime," said service technician, TJ Ladue.

When it comes to furnaces the most important thing to do is run regular maintenance checks.

"Treat it how you treat your car, because it really is about that important," said Ladue.

An easy step that can make a big different, especially in your checkbook.

"You don't think about this until it goes down, but it is just as important," said Ladue.

If your pipes are frozen, make sure to shut off the main water supply in your home until someone can come out to fix it.