Moline lady blames Sears for leaky gutters

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In January of 2012, Carol Allen of Moline hired Sears to put a new roof on her home. She would have never guessed the trouble it would cause her.

The contractors removed Allen’s gutters while they were replacing the roof, and then put them back on when the job was finished.

That’s when the problems began.

“The first time it rained the gutters wouldn’t take the water,” said Allen. “It came down through the front of the house and into my basement.”

Allen’s basement ceiling shows water stains from where the water leaked.

Outside of her home, tubs are lined outside her front door. They catch the rain that leaks from the gutters.

And every time it rains, the brittle 83-year-old – who lives alone—has to empty the tubs that are placed outside her home. Water fills them quickly.

So Allen called Sears immediately.

“They came out and said we can’t do anything about that,” Allen said.

This has been going on for nearly two years. Still, nothing has been done. And she is still making payments for a job that was done incorrectly, according to Allen.

News 8 contacted City Building Official Joe Mason about the issue. He said contractors are supposed to file a final inspection following the completion of a project.

Sears never did.

Now, all Allen wants for her gutters not to leak.

“I just want them to fix the gutter so I don’t have to go out in the middle of the night and dump the water,” Allen said.

For now, Allen is left with a leaky gutter and an uphill battle.

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