Photos: Man makes art by walking in snow

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He calls them “snow drawings.”   Just like snowflakes, each is a unique work of art.

Simon Beck is a map-maker-turned-snow-artist who is perhaps best known now for making incredible art by walking over newly-fallen snow.

He wears special snow shoes to create intricate patterns in fresh snow at winter resorts and lodges.

He creates his snow drawings at the mercy of Mother Nature, who could dump another layer of snow and erase his work at any time.

Simon shares photos of his work on a Facebook page dedicated to his art.

He creates some of the designs on his own, and is commissioned to do others.   Designing alone can take several hours.

Beck says he battles foot problems “but if I can keep my weight off the front of my feet things are not too bad.”

He says he usually works outwards from the center to create his snow art, which can take 25 to 50 hours to complete.

“The usual reason for having to stop is tiredness, if I am not too tired I continue into the night until it is complete,” Beck says.