Goombazz makes debut on Food Network TV show

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A big night from coast to coast for a Quad City restaurant as the Food Network premiered the episode of the reality show Restaurant impossible.

It was the first time the staff along with the rest of the world got to watch themselves on TV. Goombazz Big City Eatzz applied and was chosen to be on the show. Back in October, the host Robert Irvine and his crew came to Rock Island to make over the struggling restaurant that had only been open for a year.

So far customers say they like the new changes.

"I think the food is very good, we've been very pleased with the food and service," said customer, Mary Scerandos.

According to the show, the restaurant was in debt more than $300,000.

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  • Charlie

    The first and last time the wife and I were there, service from start to finish was slow. How slow?? From greeting to getting the check – 2 hours. Customers that came in after us were waited on as soon as they sat down. They were friends of the staff. From first sit down until we were approached was about 15 minutes. From being given our drinks (20 minutes wait) to getting our meal, almost another 50 minutes. The funny thing was was that we received our appetizer almost 20 minutes AFTER we got our regular meal. No one came back to check on us or a couple of other tables. But the friends group had carte blanche treatment. Some would say that they would have left by that time, but we had been wanting try this eatery out for sometime, and a trip back into the city was a ways off, so it was now or never. We mentioned this to Roberts staff when asked and when other clients brought up the same issue. Let’s hope that what Robert put out for this business isn’t for naught. At the same time, Sal shouldn’t be in the kitchen if not and owner and not an employee. Somewhere, it’s a violation of health codes. It’s no different than a waitress’s boyfriend visiting the business.

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