Iowa wind turbine factory receives largest order in history

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Just south of the Quad Cities, a wind turbine factory is now set to handle the largest order in history. Siemens Energy announced MidAmerican Energy's $1.9 billion order.

Over the next two years Siemens will make 448 new turbines. That means 1,000 construction jobs and 40 new permanent jobs in Fort Madison, Iowa plus job security for 500 current workers.

"It provides us stability. We are exporting blades that we hope to keep a steady stream of employment over the next two years," said Mark Albenze, CEO for Siemens Energy.

Construction has already started with the first of five phases completed. The rest are set to be done by 2015.

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  • Americantrek09

    Wind farms ARE WASTE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS ! Wind farms CAN NEVER recoup the cost of putting up these monstrosities ! I worked for a turbine/tower manufacturer and I know what I am talking about. When a turbine/tower/site costs nearly $13 MILLION each……they CAN NEVER break even in their 20 year life expectancy. Each tower would have to produce around $625,000 worth of power, per tower every year for 20 years….that would not even happen in a laboratory setting !
    THIS IS OUR TAX DOLLARS BEING SQUANDERED BY OUR GOVERNMENT…..MONEY THEFT AND LAUNDERING is one avenue the Progressives (mentally incompetent personalities) will cripple the economy and burden the tax base. One of their mantras is : “the end justifies the means”….and they mean it, NOT in a good way ! Wind farms should be abolished because they are fraud just like the “global warming” and “climate change” flatus spewing from the Progressive’s pie hole !

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