District wants $750K for Audubon School site

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The Rock Island-Milan School Board could set a new asking price for the site of the Audubon School on Monday, December 16th, 2013.

The northwest corner of the building is now gone. Just one week ago, crews started to demolish the Audubon School. The district will ask to sell the land for $750,000 after the building is torn down. Before the building was torn down, they wanted just $560,000 for it. It's also costing the district about $290,000 to tear down the building.

On October 22nd, the school board decided to tear down the building. That's because the two recent offers to buy the site have not come to fruition. One was from the Fareway Grocery Store group. The other one was from local developer Joe Lemon.

District leaders need to set this new asking price for the land because the building could be gone by the middle of January. District leaders also believe they could make more money off the land once the old school is gone.

The district does not have any interested buyers on the land. Monday's meeting starts at 5:15 p.m. at the District Administration Center at 2101 Sixth Avenue in Rock Island.