Iowa’s second shotgun deer season open

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Hunting photo from the Iowa DNR

After Iowa’s first shotgun deer season ended, numbers showed that license sales and harvest were reportedly down from previous years.

The second shotgun deer season opened on Saturday, December 14, 2013, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR). In the past, lower harvest numbers during the first season meant more deer to be taken during the second.

DNR officials said license sales from the first hunt were down 7 percent and reported harvests were down 18 percent.

“Hunters during the second season typically take a higher percentage of does than first season hunters do,” said a spokesperson from the Iowa DNR. “However, if hunters are seeing fewer deer where they hunt they may want to refrain from harvesting extra does.”

The Iowa DNR recommends hunters check with landowners to see if deer numbers are at an acceptable level.

Hunters are also reminded to report their harvest within 24 hours of recovering their deer. The information is used in data needed to manage Iowa’s deer herd.