Local contractors cash in on new developments

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Businesses have been popping up on both sides of the river this year, which is good news for local workers since more developments means more jobs. However, this year business has been especially been good.

"This has been a very good year, our hours are way up, members are working and we want to continue that," said Jerry Lack, executive director for IMPACT, a construction labor and management council in the Quad Cities.

Lack says its a sign the economy's recovering.

"In 2008 and 2009 during that recession, the down economy we saw these unemployment rates close to nine to ten percent in our area. A Lot of our trade members weren't working," said Lack.

Now all of IMPACTS 8,500 members are employed thanks to new projects in the works, including the expansion of Genesis East in Davenport.

"It will cover every trade and they'll be working over close to four year period to implement different phases of the project," said Lack.

A project that will create hundreds of jobs. Also in Davenport a $60 million city square project that will create 250 jobs.

"It eases the tension about possible layoffs. We know that there's gonna be work out there for trade members and business for our area contractors, " said Lack.

In Bettendorf, two hotels and a strip mall are being built right now. All of them are using local contractors.

"It actually helps stimulate the economy even more, we keep those dollars here locally," said Lack.

A trend that Lack says he hopes continues.

"I think everybody's excited that they're actually seeing the economy rebound here and more projects we get, I think that continues the snowball to more work in the future," said Lack.

Lack says 2014 will be an even better year as they already have several projects lined up for next year.