Girl Scout troop organizes fundraiser to help the hungry

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A group of Girl Scouts organized a project focused on giving to those less fortunate.

On Sunday, December 8, 2013 the girls served up a spaghetti luncheon to raise money for an area food pantry, St. James Food Pantry in Bettendorf.

Troop leader Kristen Wendell said the event was organized all by the girls in Troop 5033, which consists of 5th grade students from Cody Elementary School in LeClaire, Iowa.

“It’s an amazing feeling as a troop leader,” Wendell said. “It’s the girls’ decision in everything that they do from their meetings to what they do, to their service projects and this was one of the things that they really wanted to do.”

Wendell said the girls were aware of the hunger issue that people in the Quad Cities face, but doing projects like this helps expose them to it in a real-life situation.

They raised money by selling plates of spaghetti for free-will donations.