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Beyond the Green Screen: Snowy Sunday on the Way

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Since we are in December, I guess I will allow it to snow. Ha! If only I had that kind of connection with Mother Nature. Now that I’m older and don’t have the option of staying home from school and playing in the snow I don’t quite enjoy it as much as I used to. The thought of snow on the streets, slick sidewalks and cars not functioning properly (or drivers?) gives me anxiety. Thankfully, we are not looking at high accumulations this time around.

By Sunday afternoon snow showers will be falling with one to three inches of accumulation expected. The snow will be a light fluffy snow as it is just so cold aloft and at the surface. This snow is the pretty variety that can also be easily wiped off your car windshield. It will also make for great photo opportunities if you can brave the cold! Feel free to send in your pictures so I can share them with other viewers!


  • Brent Bielema

    It will be ideal for cross-country skiing, as long as it stays on the nippy side to keep the snow powdery. (Find a friend with a snowmobile as they make ideal trails). Also, everyone should get a copy of William Corliss’s ‘Handbook of Unusual Natural Phenomena’ which is the most fascinating book on weather I own. And Cassie, when will we see you on The Weather Channel’s ‘Strangest Weather on Earth’? Thanks for the hibernation inspiration!!

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