QC race track only one of its kind in the U.S

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An indoor event this weekend has drawn competitors to the Quad Cities from all around the world. Rock Island's QCCA Expo Center is now home to all things BMX.

Riders would tell you BMX is more than just a sport, its a way of life. That holds true for Paul DePauw, who's been racing since he was 11.

"Once it's in your blood you kind of stick with it," said DePauw, track director for the East Moline BMX Speedway.

DePauw plays a big role in getting big BMX events to the Quad Cities, like the Gold Cup Qualifier, a weekend long competition.

However, the indoor race track is one of a kind.

"Concrete floor with wooden jumps there's no other track like this in the united states," said DePauw.

The track was put together from volunteers from the East Moline BMX Speedway. They have put in a lot of time and work to build the track.  The area has been running BMX events for 20 years. Just this year East Moline BMX hosts the USA BMX National and the USA BMX Illinois State Championships. DePauw hopes to bring more events here.

"We're able to bring these events to the quad cities and then people come here and that's exciting," said DePauw.

The public can watch the races this weekend for free. The races are December 7th and 8th.

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