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Video shows puppy being dragged behind motorized scooter

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A Moline man has been charged with animal cruelty after surveillance video shows him dragging a 4-month old puppy on a leash behind a motorized scooter.

It happened at the 7-11 on Avenue of the Cities on Sunday, December 1, 2013. Police say a clerk there reported a bloody trail outside the store. Police talked to witnesses and checked the store surveillance video.  They say that lead them to 47-year old Samuel May, the dog's owner.

"It was a bloody mess. You can see the dog's being choked, he's literally dragging the dog. The dog can't keep up anymore and there's blood all over," said Scott Williams, a spokesperson for the Moline Police Department.

Williams says the clerk told officers the man had come into the store and asked for some water for his dog.

"They saw bloody footprints, called the officer, they reviewed the tape," Williams said.

The 4-month old lab is named Georgia. She is now in the care of the Rock Island County Animal Shelter. Five days after the incident, she bears some wounds, but is doing well.

"She had some road rash, and she was absolutely scared. I think she's calming down now, making friends with us. She's at least comfortable, we gave her antibiotics, just in case," said Shelter Director Sam DeYoung.

"It just makes you absolutely sick and angry, very angry. How can you do that to an innocent animal," DeYoung said.

A police hold has been placed on Georgia, until the case is resolved through the courts.

May is charged with a misdemeanor and bonded out of jail on Thursday.

Read what May said about the incident - click here.


  • Animal Lover

    This is heartbreaking. How can someone do this. Tie him to the back of a Semi and take him for a ride.. Sickening. Hope poor Georgia finds a loving “furever” home.

    • Judy

      How can this be a misdemeanor? What a POS! He should do jail time and never be allowed to have another pet again! Come on IL: do the right thing. And for God’s sake, don’t let him have the puppy back!

  • deidre golden

    Throw him in prison!!! I would love to have her as an addition to my family…..she would be loved and very well taken care of. I have a shepard that would love to have a sister to play with and to protect.

    • Karina Karinachka

      It is BEYOND me why these piece of s*** owners are even allowed to get these babies back!!!! Why in the world he is not in jail is beyond me! these animals have feelings and they bleed just like us, it should be an attempted murder charge if you ask me. once said

      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

      “I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”
      –Abraham Lincoln

      That just shows our nation and our being is slowly disintegrating!

  • LaNita

    I agree. Tie Him up behind a truck and see if he can keep up. This is sickening and to think he could get this dog back.

  • Karson

    Disappointed to see the tv station show the clip of this abuse more than 5 times during their report. Poor taste.

  • Sue Sambdman

    I understand why you had to show it on the news but I don’t understand why you had to keep replaying it

  • audi

    first of all not one of you know this man. I do personally. it was an ACCIDENT you can see in the video he didn’t see what was happening

    • Ashley

      I don’t care what he says about it being an accident! How do you NOT know your 4 month old puppy is dragging behind you? I have a 4 month old lab puppy and if he was not keeping up with me ( with how long this puppys legs were compared to my long legged boy I’m sure it would be able to ) I would surely see where or what he is doing. His paws were BLOODY AND HAD ROAD RASH. How long had he been dragging him and not checked? So so so sad for this puppy. And why was the puppy so terrified? A puppy should be full of life and love, NOT fear. He should never be allowed to have this poor puppy back or any other animal.

    • Andrew

      Uh … unless the guy on the scooter really is an idiot or mentally disabled in some way, how could he not know what was happening? O.o

    • Kristine

      HOW ON EARTH IS THIS AN EFFIN ACCIDENT! IF he’s so compassionate as you people say…he would NOT be riding a stupid moped/motorbike wtfe it was with a DOG in tow! There’s NO possible way…and no one will make me believe otherwise, that he didn’t know that this wasn’t happening…and now to find out he’s in the healthcare field??? If you have NO respect for animals, which he CLEARLY does not…how on EARTH would he have any for my or your relatives.

      Next time Mr May, which God i pray there isn’t a next time, get OFF your effin motorbike and WALK with your damn dog if you must take him…. and those defending him….I truly have no words for you…other than good job for supporting animal abuse by defending the act. It is truly a damn shame that people like this are in this world…my pets are my babies…and by that, I don’t mean I throw a leash around their neck, get in my car and say KEEP UP BABY IM GOING TO GO SUPER FAST!


    • Dora

      Since you know this scumbag, why don’t you encourage him to get psychiatric help. The dog would have definitely been screaming in pain. He KNEW what he was doing. Be careful of the company you keep less YOU become the scum.

      • Cloey Jade

        The poor dog couldnt scream in pain because she was also being choked to death. You can see her swallow many times in the clip trying to stop from being choked to death. This man knew what was up. And anyone defending him is just as bad!

    • JEM


    • Sonnet

      This doesn’t look like an accident to me. Unless you mean that kind of ‘accidents’ that happen to stupid, negligent @$$holes.

    • Jasmin Garcia

      I don’t care if you knew him personally, that doesn’t make this ok. He’s old enough to know better. He should have kept looking behind. He dragged the dog simple. So let him have the dog back and something else happens you’ll say it’s ok you know him. What is a 47yr old man doing o an scooter anyway? He should have been walking the dog to keep a better eye on her. Would you like me to take a bike or scooter and tie you up to it and keep on going? The dog has to keep up with a scooter? He looks like he needs the exercise more than the dog.

    • Loretta

      Audi, If you know him so well and it was an accident, how could he go into that store to get water for his puppy come out and NOT Notice how tired that puppy was and that she couldn’t continue? I’ve had canines for years. They are just like young children they don’t know when to quit. It’s up to us as responsible adults and caretakers to see this and make sure they rest. Georgia is reported to be only 4 months old & just like a toddler they just quit when tired. Now think if this was a human toddler would he or you continue on dragging that child or stop until they were rested or carried them?

    • Antoinette Canada

      dont have to know this man to know that what he did was so wrong this is in no way a Mistake he knew what he was doing could harm the puppy.that is no way to exercise any animal not even if it was full grown.

    • Brandy

      More people should be contacting the police dept and complaining about the charges. Would it be ok if i dragged a man who has longer legs to keep up and he happenedto get hurt? The man needs a pysch eval, mo animals or kids. Shame on the laws. You are not there as protectors anymore i guess.

    • Katherine

      I don’t care if you know this guy or not thereis no way this can be an accident no one is that stupid, and if they are they have no business owning a pet

    • Anne

      To be completely fair about this….Your right, probably none of us viewing this video knows the man on the scooter, perhaps inadvertently dragging Georgia the puppy into the gas station. That being said, the word ‘accident’, doesn’t really seem fair or accurate in this particular instance. As ”Georgia” the puppy was in the care of a thinking human being. Who by all fairness, should of probably known better to take ”Georgia” the puppy for a walk or a run without the use of his scooter. Even if, she was some how accustomed to running with the scooter, should not the rider of known better? He is libel for his careless and reckless actions. There are three words missing following the word ‘ACCIDENT’….. WAITING TO HAPPEN. If he was ‘unaware’ as you say, this further proves culpability. His actions are evidence themselves to a very sad event. That most certainly could of been prevented.

  • Sherry

    Ok I know this man and he would never do this intentionally if you watch the video he did not know the puppy was in trouble. He has taken this dog many times as a walk. Many people saw this and no one approached him that the dog was in trouble. Shame on them. I do know first hand this puppy is well taken care of. You didn’t hear that the puppy looked under feed or not taken care of did you. I see people with dogs running behind them on bikes come on people it was not intentionally done. He did give the puppy aid when he realized what happen. The news is only showing you part of the story like always.

    • Pondskipper

      how could he possibly have not known this was happening. it has been stated that there was a blood trail leading to and from the store parking lot, and that he even went in to get water, at which point he should have known his dog was in dire need of attention. then to drag the dog all the way back to his residence makes it worse. he needs to be drug through a gravel pit behind a salt spraying truck.

    • Gillian

      I cannot believe you would defend a person you know who would intentionally abuse yes a use a pet . Shame on you for defending him … I hope he NEVER EVER gets a pet again , he is an abuser !!!

  • audi

    They were SURE to leave out the fact that first aid was administered right after and the police officer who originally showed up agreed it was an accident and put that in his report too!

    • Loretta

      You may have verbal or physically been present at the time the officer agreed 1st aid was administered but you should in NO WAY have access to KNOW what the officer put in his report. If you do this is an ongoing investigation which you have just compromised with leaking this in a public social forum, And placed yourself in jeopardy of jail time or if in law enforcement and in that Dept. your job. You have also destroyed the best chance of a fair trial for this person IF it ever makes it that far. Some friend

  • Paige

    I also know this man!! He is absolutley sensitive and compassionate and would never do this on purpose!! It was a ACCIDENT! It is a sad day in America when someone is judged so harshly before there found guilty! You can plainly see he did not know what was happening behind him! Georgia used to love going to the store with him they did it often she ran next to him while he went slow similar to someone holding a leash to there dog while they ride a bike! This was a horrible accident I caution ppl to judge a book by its cover.

    • pam

      I think the guy is a idot he knew the dog was back there he needs to be tied to the back of a car and dragged to a 7 11 and see how he likes it but don’t let anybody report him they better not let him have any pets that lab is going to be afraid of him he does not need a dog dogs have feelings just like a human

      • Annabel

        Quite agree with you pam he shouldn’t be allowed to keep any animals again, I don’t care what people say about him of course he knew the pup was hurt the bastered.

    • Julie Warner

      No dog can keep with a scooter. I don’t care whether he knew or didn’t know…what happened is a serious crime. He knew when he went to get the water for his dog. Any caring owner would have freaked out when they saw what had happened.

    • Gillian

      This is no accident , and anyone defending the idiot man and not feeling disgust towards this animal cruelty is abhorrent !!

  • Kevin

    It doesn’t matter if you know him and that the dog WAS being taken care of. In this case he was negligent and I also think it should be more than a misdemeanor. Not quite to dragging him behind a truck but it is definitely worth a hefty fine and/or some jail time.

  • Sherry

    The news should hear his side of the story and give him his freedom of speech. It was a unfortunate accident. That’s all nothing more.

  • j

    This guy needs to be drug behind a vehicle. Hes an idiot. How do u tie up a 4 month old puppy to a scooter and expect it to be ok?

  • kelsey

    Please explain how you unintentionally drag a dog behind a motorized scooter? Unless this man is mentally challenged I dont see how anyone would think its a good idea to drive anything motorized with a dog attached to the back, if you cant see the dog running BESIDE you why would you keep going or… I don’t know maybe LOOK BEHIND YOU! this is absolutely sickening. Even giving him the benefit if the doubt idiotic people like this shouldn’t have pets. They’re living breathing animals not toys. If you’re to lazy to walk a dog like a normal human being give it to some one who can give it the proper love and attention it needs. My heart breaks for that poor innocent dog.

    • storeladymama

      I agree! That poor dog. That man HAD to feel the weight of the dog pulling. Maybe the dog losing her footing was not intentional but dragging her was not an accident. She is not a little dog and that scooter is very small. Why would ANYONE tie an animal to a motorized vehicle and take off? It makes me sick to even think about what people can, and will, do to other people and animals.

  • Nanny

    When you own a pet you are obligated to care for the animal in a humane manner. If you decide to walk or run your dog behind a motorized scooter, or a bicycle for that matter, it is your responsibility to monitor the animals welfare while doing so. This is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable behavior, whether you are a ‘nice guy’ or not. He should be prohibited from retaining custody of this animal or any other animal in the future. You disgust me Samuel May!

  • Stupidity is not an excuse

    Stupidity, ignornace or negligence are not an excuse. The fact that he had the dog tied to a motorised vehicle and paid so little attention that this was allowed to happen is bad enough for him to deserve to lose his dog.

  • audi

    You can all act like you’ve never done something unintentionally. YES he should have been more aware of what was going on. That is far from hurting her intentionally as it is being made to sound like.Georgia has been walking with him on the scooter for months and NEVER had issue. And the news needs to get the story straight shes older than 4months by along shot but that wouldnt be a such a catchy headline. I suggest they check the facts!

    • Loretta

      Yes I will agree that the puppy is older than 4 months. The clip in the shelter shows her to be about the size of a 9-11 months still not an adult but not that young either. Scooters go on average maybe 15mph so an older animal could keep up for a short time with no problem. Also watch the whole video people. I’ve watched it twice and the second time you can see him leaving the store WALKING the scooter with the dog beside it with a bag on the Left Wrist.
      I’m an animal lover who would never intentionally hurt anything, I even swerve to miss wildlife, but accidents do happen.

      As JESUS says: Let those without sin throw the first stone

      Even in my previous posts I used words like IF, this is an ongoing investigation he has NOT BEEN PROVEN GUILTY we are still a Country of INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUIILTY.

  • stef

    I also know this man and he is a nice guy! I also have scene him with Georgia he would never do this on purpose he loves Georgia and always treated her good played with her all the time. So unless you know this man do not judge him and how he is with Georgia by this video !!!!!!!

    • You can't fix stupid

      Ok first off this happened on the ave….not really a place that he could go slow….second hes an idot who does not deserve to own an animal if he thinks this is ok….how would he know if she is ok or not? he wouldn’t since she was tied to the scooter…and like others have said i dont care who thinks hes a nice guy…maybe those folks should get smarter friends….you cant fix stupid…..things like this make me sick….there is no good reason this happened…AN ACCIDENT you say????? Well yes when you do stupid things the likely hood that something will go wrong is about 100%…..this is a puppy not an adult dog and even then NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE TIED TO A VEHICLE OF ANY KID PERIOD….

  • animalluver

    I agree that the news didn’t need to re-play the video continuously. What i don’t understand, is how did he not feel the weight of the dog being pulled behind him. The other day, i pulled a car, with a large truck…..i felt the weight pulling. But what intelligent person pulls an animal behind any type of vehicle? I cried watching that video. I hope that dog finds a loving home elsewhere and he is banished from ever owning another pet. He also should be punished a lot harsher than a misdemeanor! If it would have been a child, he would have received time in jail, but since it’s just a helpless dog, it’s less important…… We need harsher punishment for cruelty to animals!!! Sorry Georgia!!

  • James Boddie

    Let me drag that _____ behind my motorcycle and see how he likes it. If the judicial system lets him off without jail time and years of probation and stiff fines let me drag them too. This was one of the worst things I have ever seen!

  • Jay Z

    Really shame on someone else that seen this idiot doing this give me a break if they give this man that dog back there is something wrong with humanity!

  • Jay Z

    Really shame on someone else that seen this idiot dragging that dog give me a break if they give this man that dog back something is wrong with humanity!

  • Groundskeeper Willie

    Justice will be served…your comments here are just ‘stirring the pot’. Don’t give his puppy back I bet there is more to this guy than we know

    • Zeaks

      Yeah justice will be served alright,, he will at most get a fine. It costs too much to send animal abusers to jail, the goverment profeits from this

  • Ash

    Audi yes, yes i can “act” like ive never unintentionally drug a dog behind a scooter. Or did anything unintentionally to harm an animal to that degree actually. Accidents happen but how does an accident like this happen. Yeah it may not have been on purpose to be cruel, but negligence like that doesnt just deserve a slap on the wrist and a puppy.

  • RP

    I dont care how ” nice” this guy is. who the hell ties an animal ( a freaking puppy no less) to the back of ANYTHING motorized?! I dont care if he claims it was an accident. he has an obligation to take care of his animal and his blatant stupidity caused his dog harm. He doesnt deserve her back , nor does he deserve any animal if he doesnt have teh wits to realize doing this is wrong and potentially dangerous!. and to all of you defending him, how stupid are you? seriously?!

  • charper

    I will be @ this sick sobs court date with signs… I want the book thrown @ him!!! Doesn’t he need lic. To drive that scooter on streets… thow that charge @ him…. did scooter have lights??m throw that charge @ him!!!! There’s got to be more charges!!!!! Justice for Georgia!!!!! I will look him up on judici, I will foia all records etc…..!

    • noyb

      Charper you’re a real idiot! You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Please learn correct grammer (gots). You may believe you can just go and file FOIA requests, however, it doesn’t work in this manner. He can only be charged under what the Illinois statutes allow. Please note that making signs and standing at the courthouse is not going to make any difference.

  • Bridgit

    I used to work with this creep! He is very mean & judgemental. It should be known that he is a nurse in the area!!! Do you really want someone like him taking care of your loved one?? That poor puppy, I hope he is in so much trouble!

    • Deena


      • Julia Beth Bolick

        GROW UP PEOPLE!!!! First of all, WHY is the man driving a scooter? Usually, anyone driving a scooter in North Carolina does NOT have a license due to a DUI … sounds like he has an ALCOHOL problem; the puppy is probably secondary to his primary issues … DRINKING!!!!! ABUSE to an animal … wonder what he does to any family members, if he treats a small animal in this manner …

      • Danielle Zsurka

        So Julia, now ur just gonna throw out accusations that he is a drunk just because he rides a scooter? You people all seriously need to find something better to do with your time, rather than sit on the computer putting more negative energy & rumors out into the world. SMH @ all of you. I dont know this guy, and I am a huge animal lover & advocate, but even I can tell this wasnt done maliciously. Crimes should be punished. Absentmindedness is not a crime… despite the unfortunate situation that occurred. Usually in a case lik this the persons guilt is enough punishment. They dont need all of you slamming them like you’re opinion is going to make a difference in the outcome. Go help someone, instead of blabbing your ignorance about things you dont have all the facts on!

    • Michelle Van Winkle

      There was a blood trail leading back to his house too, did he end up dragging her back once he got back on the street?? The dog has injuries that didn’t just happen over a few seconds, she was dragged awhile.

      This guy is NOT a Registered Nurse!!! He is not licensed in Illinois or Iowa to practice as an RN. If he is working in health care, he is not a Nurse. I detest people who call themselves Nurses when they are not.

  • animalluver

    Kwqc wouldn’t air the video. They said “it was too graphic”. Way to go Channel 6!!!

    I do wish the puppy would have been taken away when it happened. If i would have been at that station, May would have came out to an empty leash. It also looks like the leash wasn’t near long enough. If you notice above, the poor dog’s head, is right behind the tire. Very upsetting to see this!

  • Jason

    Jeffrey Dahmer was a nice guy too but he killed many people. This guy is not mentally fit to have an animal. No sane person will tie a puppy to the back of a scooter.

  • Stephanie

    People like this make me sick. Anyone like this should not be honored to have a pet in their life. I wouldn’t trust this jack to even tend to a pot of dirt.

  • cj wisniewski


  • izzy bean

    Im izzy the bean and im a dog God bless you Georgia.. I was saved too I hope you find a loving home just like I did. My Daddy loves me just as love him. We go everywhere together he even takes me to work with him. He treats me like im a princess. When we met each other i could tell he was broken too so I new right away We was meant to be.. I’ve heard him say he wonders who saved who.. I’ll pray for you Georgia that you will find someone who will truly love you and care for you..
    Dad says the Bible tells us not to judge others so I wont judge this horrible man that made you run behind a motorized bike untill your poor little legs gave out I cant imagine the pain you felt.. So I wont judge this man but if I was to ever see him I’ll just bite him for you.. You see im a pretty big girl im a American Bull Mastiff so its in my nature to dont give up Georgia there is someone waiting to love you and waiting for you to show them how much you love them.. They say our love is one of a kind… kinda like Gods love have you ever spelled God backwards? How cool is that Georgia?

  • Deena


    • marchello

      Hey Deena-telling Bridgit not to throw stones, I’m thinking you should make sure you’ve got the right person before YOU comment. I know for a fact she has never been fired from a job! I can’t believe how so many of his former co-workers share the exact same thoughts on his behavior. First hand knowledge, not hearsay. Just sayin..

  • concerned

    When a dog is hurt, it will yelp, loudly. Are you saying this dog never made a sound even though it was leaving a trail of blood? Poor thing. I agree that an animal should never be tethered to a motorized device…EVER! “Accidents” like this would never happen.

  • Alicia Perry

    What a sick man. I feel sorry for the puppy. I hope he gets that sweet, little puppy taken away from him. Even though I didn’t watch the video, I could clearly see he didn’t care about the puppy’s safety. I hope they throw the book at this “man” and hopefully he will never, ever be allowed to adopt another animal again. Hopefully the puppy recovers well. Are there any updates as to how the little puppy is doing?

  • Kelli

    There’s NO way this guy didn’t know something was wrong and she wasn’t running like she usually would! The scooter would have been harder to operate because it was pulling weight. And he never turned around to look at the dog? Most people I see that ride their bikes with their dogs have them BESIDE them, not BEHIND them!!

  • Teresa

    Where was this jerk’s compassion when he was dragging Georgia? Georgia doesn’t deserve this type of life. My husband and I could hardly stand to watch the video.

  • Dana Lawhon

    What kind of idiot attaches a dog to a scooter any way? It is obvious that sooner or later the dog would not be able to keep up. These scooters can get up to 30 mph I personally don’t know any 4 month old dogs that can move that fast the key word here is COMMON SENSE which this guy is definitely lacking.

  • Wendi Alonzo

    I can’t believe he may get this poor dog back. I think he proved he is incapable of caring for any animal.

  • Douglas

    The guy needs shot for treating an animal like that….no slap on the wrists, no jailtime…abusing animals is the first step to much worse activities…

  • wk

    Everyone defending pulling a dog behind on a scooter needs to shut up immediately. You would never defend doing the same with a human child, why on earth is this idiocy excusable with a puppy?

  • Julius Thornton

    This guy has seen one too many National lampoon Chevy Chase flicks…if his dog was tired the owner should have got his lazy a$$ off the scooter and let him rest or carry the pooch. You
    only get a few genuine friends in this life and that’s no way to treat them.

  • kathy

    I would love someone to explain to me WHY these people that do such horrible things to pets can get off so easy. Animals are living breathing and alive beings. They don’t deserve to have this kind of horror stuff done to them. Why would he have been bonded, why will he get off with no jail time? Why is our system so cheap with things that can and will kill an innocent animal? I want to know can someone please tell me? He should be put in jail for a good length of time and when released he should not be able to have another pet at all. I think there should be an animal offenders list as there is a sexual predators list. Let others know how sick this guy and anyone else is that does this to animals. Please lets get a law for our pets and all animals. Let it be know that animals abuse is not going to be tolerated.

  • Gary

    Based on the leash being up by the mans left hand, it appears the puppy was originally running next to him. What we see is the puppies head inches from the rear tire. Pretty hard to believe the man was unaware that the puppy was no longer next to him.

  • bernice manary

    Bernice,Im wondering if it is possible they could give this Guy some of the same treatment and see just how he likes It

    • dinasue

      if this guy has any sort of family or relations they need to seriously have him checked for alzheimers or some sort of brain issues.. he needs to be monitored closer.

  • amanda

    This is so horrible, he deserves to be drug behind a semi. Eye for an eye. I will take this puppy in a heartbeat.

  • Celeste Quilty-Piliponis

    After a little thought and investigating I’ve come to the conclusion that this was indeed an accident. The local news media and/or law enforcement are being deceptive in the reporting of this story. Turns out even the arresting cop admitted in his report that it was unintentional and an accident. I’m now pissed that the media tried to make the guy out to be a cruel sadistic human being. No, he’s just an idiot. That guy could potentially be getting death threats. If anything happens to him the media is to blame.

    • kathy

      how do you come up with an accident that this man dragged a puppy behind his scooter? What investigating did you do that brought that conclusion up? IT IS ANIMAL ABUSE . That man was probably drunk or just mean. It was on camera and the dog was hurt by doing this so I would love to know what imformation you investigated and got that you say it was an accident and the media would be responsible for any threats to this man? He must be a friend of yours or maybe you don’t like animals either. He is GUILTY of animal abuse. Final answer.

    • dinasue

      accident???? when your dealing with a living breathing creature be it a dog, cat, baby.. etc you have to have some common sense and control over your situation. IF you can’t be trusted to take care of this being in your care then you should not have that responsibilty given or allowed to you. would you be so forgiving had it been a baby left on a roof of car or trunk.. in carrier that they “forgot” to put inside.. and drove off or some other senerio.. too many people all over the world do this sort of same action to animals daily to punish and or just torture and kill before they ditch or eat. Whether or not he “meant” to do it is not the main issue.. its that he DID it.. and should pay the price for his actions..he is a grown adult.not some child that may or may not realize what they are doing and if he is such as a child in his mind then he should not be on his own to let such events happen.

  • Carlos Barreto

    ifs bad enough the guy can,t take his dog for a proper walk, it’s not only good for the dog but by the looks of the shape he’s in, would be great for him. This is blatant animal abuse at its worst. Confiscate his scooter and make him walk home. It’s apparent he couldn’t keep up with the dog so he had to go buy a scooter to teach the dog he could out do him. Sad thing to do to a loving puppy.

  • Amanda

    The comments on this article are interesting. Saying that the person was a “good guy” and he could never do this intentionally is pretty crazy. I mean you just attached a puppy to a motorized vehicle on the avenue of the cities?? I don’t see how anyone think that is an appropriate way to take care of an animal?

  • Debbie

    In the first place, no caring person would tie their dog by the neck to a motorized vehicle, especially when they can’t keep a direct eye on them. What if the dog tripped, it would not be able to get back up. Accident or not, he’s too irresponsible to have another pet. My gut tells me this was non accident and he was punishing the puppy for not keeping up. I hope karma gives him what he deserves. I hope the pup gets the best permanent home possible with plenty of love and treats galore!

  • Douglas

    Glad to hear he has been fired from his job…it is not enough though. I hope someone takes matters into their own hands and treats him to a good lesson. I do not think it was an accident at all…even in his video he looks like he is acting because he knows he was caught doing wrong…I bet he had done more things like this and he needs to be taken off the steets and out of the community…

  • Mon

    Accident or not , you have to care about your dog , do that in Belgium and you get 5 to 10 years and never have a animal in your supervision again .

  • Becky

    Take the dog away from him. Please Do Not give this dog back to him. We will hear later that he killed it. Find her a loving home. I will take her. He had to have known that the dog was dragging behind him. Very CRUEL! !!!!!!

  • C

    Not that I think this guy deserves to have a dog and what happened was horrible but him carrying the puppy while walking the scooter away from the 7/11 and going in to ask for water for his dog makes me think that maybe he wasn’t purposely hurting her. Could he just be really dumb and unaware and thought he was taking her for a run? Either way like I said he shouldn’t have the puppy or any other animal for that matter I’m just curious if his an idiot or a monster? I wonder if media coverage will continue long enough to find out

  • Kati Deer

    Even riding a regular bike when I was younger, my Labrador always ran beside me. I didn’t use a leash because even as a six month old pup, she didn’t need one. I ALWAYS noticed when she wasn’t next to me or was panting terribly! She used to lose use ofnherbback legs if she over worked herself.
    Very scary!

    I feel like it may have started out as an accident, and he thsn after just didn’t care.
    Belgium law, come here and prosecute this man! There should be no remorse for people like this! Accident or not! Disgusting. Its vile.

  • Kenneth Burns

    I’m Vegan so I avoid being cruel to animals…any animals as much as possible. However people who eat meat are always telling me it’s a personal choice for the meat they eat and in turn for the harm they cause other living things…so in that demented way of thinking…it is this guy’s personal choice to torture this animal…you reap what you sow…we are all victims.

  • Karina Karinachka

    It is BEYOND me why these piece of s*** owners are even allowed to get these babies back!!!! Why in the world he is not in jail is beyond me! these animals have feelings and they bleed just like us, it should be an attempted murder charge if you ask me. once said

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    “I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”
    –Abraham Lincoln

    That just shows our nation and our being is slowly disintegrating!

  • Rhonda Sposato

    I cannot imagine ANY court giving him this poor baby back but if they do we need to hunt him down and drag him behind a truck! The courts wouldn’t be a lenient on us but totally worth it!

  • Julie Pearson

    I’m not gonna say where i would like 2 shove his scooter. What a vile person, he needs 2 do some time 4 this and barred from ever keeping animals again!

  • Ashley

    How could it even be considered to return the dog to the owner!? ABSOLUTELY NOT. A much better and LOVING non-scooter dragging home would do wonders for that dog.

  • Gloria

    He should have taken the dog for a proper walk, like normal people do! But he is obviously a very lazy individual, this animal abuser doesn’t possess any common sense and quite clearly has a very low IQ. He must never be allowed to own an animal of any kind ever again. I hope this lovely pup gets a new home very soon.

  • Shannon M Cooley

    Bonded out??? HOW IN HECK HAS IT BE POSSIBLE??? That action of his – obviously considers a DANGER to society. Unfit for any society which has laws for violent kind of people. It does not have to be JUST the people in danger from those kind of people. Animals, unfortunately, were placed SO low in priority, equivalent to non-living property. Now, people working for law, their noses (unfortunately) were too close into book – following i’s and t’s, not seeing what’s the whole picture is about. THIS MAN (clearly proved) IS …. you (people who can fix this) better figure it out, idiots!

  • Clark

    Here again everyone has opinions and blurts out what ever there heart desires without conclusively collecting all evidence but a video tape. The media has created monsters of you all with there biast propafanda and you fools feed off of it. Its sickening to see such hate built up in so many people now a days. You beleive everything you see or hear no matter what the facts are you all still have the audacity to chastise somebody when you know nothing about the situation except for a short clip. Shame on you all and grow up.

    • kathy

      clark do you know the real story and true facts about this? If do then tell us and I understand that a lot of us may be crossing the line with judgement but you have to understand a lot of people abuse animals everyday that don’t get caught. Animals should be protected under the law from things like this happening. It hurts the animal in all kinds of ways that no animal should have to go through. If we are not getting the truth from the news then please let us know what you know and then if it is the real truth and was totally an accident I will be the first to apologize for what has been said about this man. It is not for us to judge I know that but who is to defend and care for an innocent animal If its owner doesn’t? I will be waiting for your reply to please tell me the truth of this matter.

    • dinasue

      you can see clearly in the video what happened.. mistake or not it happened and hurt the puppy… if you can’t take care of a animal better than this you should not have it or be in charge of its care. If the mans memory is no better than this than. he should not be alone he is a danger to himself and others as you can plainly see. Too many bad people do this on a daily basis so don’t need “good people” doing it too.

  • Leesa Ash

    This despicable excuse of a person needs to be put in general population. The guard need to shout “puppy abuser” when he enters. Hope someone takes him out.

  • storeladymama

    I do NOT understand how a man, on a little scooter, could NOT have felt the weight of that poor dog being dragged? She is not a little dog. Why would ANYONE tie an animal to a motorized vehicle in the first place? It was not an accident that he tied her to the scooter. Also, someone else made the point that she couldn’t even make a sound because she was being choked. Even IF he “lacked good judgement” is this case, what does that say about his judgement concerning animals, and PEOPLE, in any situation? If he thought this activity was safe, what does he think is “safe” for elderly people or children? Everyone makes mistakes but there are consequences to your decisions, good or bad. You do not put a rope around a dog’s neck then tie her to something that can go faster than she can run. I’m sure he wouldn’t someone with that kind of thinking to try something like that with him if he was powerless to stop it.

  • Dina Anderson

    This is totally unexceptable.. if you can’t do any better than this than you should not have pets and not be on your own.. obviously the man is mentally challenged or something. I hope he doesn’t have any kids. They better not let him out with just a slap on wrists.. this is why these things keep happening.. not strong enough punishments for letting it happen. They come up with the lame idea oh I forgot I had him.. right.. and if you did again the exact reason you do not deserve to have a animal.

  • Gena

    I have read all the comments posted and accident or not, it is EXTREMELY unfortunate for baby Georgia!!!!! I do not care who the man is or what his past is, this is about the CURRENT evnet that has taken place. Baby Georgia may have been walked this way as stated in previous comments and I quote ” he went slow and she would walk next to him”. As I watched the video, the FIRST thing I noticed is she is NOT next to him! That is the FIRST thing that he should have noticed. It is NEVER ok to “walk” any animal while on any type of motorized vehicle! Some of you may be friends with him and know him personally as I do not. My ONLY concern is for baby Georgia! I pray he does not get her back and if my prayers are answered we are willing to drive the 3hrs and adopt her where she can have a nice country life! I am saddened that whether intentional or not, this happened. I hope baby Georgia can recover the physical and emotional damage this has caused.

    • Kateryna Klochko

      Gena, please, contact the animal shelter she is in and follow up. She might be up for adoption. If you are willing to help – don’t lose track of her for her sake. Because, they might return her to him :(

      • Gena

        Kateryna, We have contacted the shelter, but she is not up for adoption at this time. We will be keeping in touch with them!

    • susana silva


  • Kateryna Klochko

    I don’t believe this was an accident! No way! And if he is so irresponsible as to not notice that this was happening and obviously for quite some time – than he has no business having a responsibility of an animal or anyone! Please, don’t give him the dog back or let him adopt any more! On another note, I always find it very disturbing that there are always found some individuals that will defend any kind of atrocity – never will understand the motivation of those, even if it’s your friend :( Wouldn’t be my friend any more.

    • Kateryna Klochko

      He is definitely not very bright, to put it mildly…It’s sad that animals end up in such hands. I look at the pictures of the adopted dogs taken at the our local shelter as they leave with their new owner and I desperately try to read peoples’ faces: will they be kind, generous, caring, what awaits that dog in the future?

      • Kateryna Klochko

        He is definitely not very bright, to put it mildly…It’s sad that animals end up in such hands. I look at the pictures of the adopted dogs taken at the our local shelter as they leave with their new owner and I desperately try to read peoples’ faces: will they be kind, generous, caring, what awaits that dog in the future?

  • TJ

    I believe him too. The dog is large enough that he could easily keep up with the speed of which that scooter was going, (slow) and even faster. I used to ride my bike wide open with my dog at a gallop, and she loved it, and she was smaller than this dog. It seems the dog must have just gone down, because considering it’s only been 5 days, the wounds shown were almost healed. The guy made a mistake in not being attentive enough….no different than a mother that takes her eyes off of her 2 year old for 1 minute, and the child falls in the swimming pool and drowns, or runs in to the road, and gets killed. Yet, when that happens, all we feel is sympathy for that mom. Why can pet parents not make mistakes, or bad judgements? Also, consider that no way would he have done something like this intentionally in such a public place. The dog seemed to be sliding easily behind the scooter and that could account for not feeling the weight if she had just gone down before getting in to camera range, and the dog was not writhing or rolling. And before anyone damns me to hell too, save it. As an animals lover/advocate/rescuer, I was outraged at first too, until I read everything, watched his interview, and thought about it. The guy was negligent, and should be charged with that. With all the animal cruelty and abuse I read about and see every single day, day after day as someone that spends hours a day on animal sites, this pales in comparison to what INTENTIONALLY goes on. Sometimes,smart people do stupid things.

    • Karina Karinachka

      seriously!!! No Mother would tie her child to a motorized vehicle and let the drag. When a child gets hurt ex: runs in the road, drowns it is an accident and no mother intentionally puts their kids at risk. WHAT NORMAL person would ever do this is beyond me. Bad Judgement???? ARE YOU SERIOUS how about you run beside a scooter and see how you can keep up!!!

  • TJ

    Actually, Karina Karinachka…..many many mothers do much much worse to their children. Or don’t you ever read people stories? He was going s l o w. If the dog had not obviously lost her footing, she should well have been able to keep up.

    Yes, bad judgement.

    • Jasmin Garcia

      Yes bad judgment. And when mothers use bad judgment and it hurts their children they go to jail. She shouldn’t have been able to keep up. He wasn’t walking her so he can keep a god eye on her. If anything the dog could use the scoter and let him walk. He’s the fat one.

      • TJ

        Define “fat”.He doesn’t look fat to me at all. Have you NEVER seen people riding bikes with their dogs running with them? They even sell devices to hook to bikes to do this. Dogs LOVE to run. He was NEGLIGENT in that he didn’t watch her close enough.

      • Karina Karinachka

        i find it very sad that people try to find excuses for what he did. it is WRONG and if hes not that well he should not own a dog or any animal. HOPEFULLY he will NEVER be able to do this to another animal again!!!

  • ann sullivan

    Although I agree with everyone’s comments about this being cruel, most probably consume meat and dairy on a daily basis. Just because an animal is a pig (smarter than a dog), or a cow (gentler than a dog), or chicken, doesn’t make it suffer any less. Farm animals are the most abused on the planet. Please rethink your values and consider a vegan diet.

  • Danielle Zsurka

    So Julia, now ur just gonna throw out accusations that he is a drunk just because he rides a scooter? You people all seriously need to find something better to do with your time, rather than sit on the computer putting more negative energy & rumors out into the world. SMH @ all of you. I dont know this guy, and I am a huge animal lover & advocate, but even I can tell this wasnt done maliciously. Crimes should be punished. Absentmindedness is not a crime… despite the unfortunate situation that occurred. Usually in a case lik this the persons guilt is enough punishment. They dont need all of you slamming them like you’re opinion is going to make a difference in the outcome. Go help someone, instead of blabbing your ignorance about things you dont have all the facts on!

    • James Smith

      Absent mindedness may not be a crime but negligence is. He went inside to ask for water? How about your puppy is dying! A bloody trail? This guy was not absent minded he was a negligent idiot who should not have an animal. Also, it’s ludicrous to rip into someone about ripping into someone and telling them it makes no difference in the outcome when you both have done the same thing. I am just saying. It’s like dragging a puppy while your lecturing to someone about dragging puppies.

  • Brandy

    This is a scooter not a bike. And he was a puppy not a full grown dog. He had to have been crying. That is a little more than just walking a dog. Let him not have any animals and not be around kids till he is fully pysch evaluated. Nice man or not what if he was watching your kid and this happened? Would you feel the same? The man does not think right and now a puppy suffers.

  • izzy bean

    Izzy the bean here again and im a dog no excuse for what this man did.. To everyone defending him shame on you… What do think would happen to me if I was to bite you… Even tho im a loving caring dog

  • VAC

    This is very clear.. Does not matter who knows this dumb ignorant uneducated neanderthal creature, and if it was an accident which is extremely hard to believe. This is a crime and he should be brought to justice!! End of story!

  • Cris Gosch

    I pray he doesn’t have any children! Please find this puppy a good family and make sure he does not have anymore pets of any kind.

  • nunyabusi

    The best part of this is, Is he is a NURSE. He is responsible for human life.Now that is some scary sh**..

  • Alaina

    Absolutely disgusting I bawled my eyes out watching this. How could you do something like this to an innocent animal. I pray to god the judge will not give her back to him. He needs to be dragged behind a pickup truck the same way he did to the innocent puppy.

  • no one

    Sam May is such a lier!!! Those little scooters are so underpowered it can barely carry him, and a 30 bound dog being dragged behind would certainly have made the motor whine.

  • Sarah

    Have any of you stopped to think and consider this? This man is a person just like anyone else, he’s not perfect. I myself would never tie any animal to the back of a scooter but I would also never ride a bike with my dog on a leash next to me, something people do all the time. He made a poor decision. What the news didn’t show was that he did indeed walk away with the dog, pushing his scooter after he noticed there was an issue. I mean if he simply didn’t care and was out to hurt the dog wouldn’t he have just taken off on the scooter back home dragging her along? Why bother giving her water or treating her wounds if he is such a monster? I DO know this man personally, I do not particularly care for him. If I thought for a second that he did this intentionally I would be screaming it from the rooftops.

    He didn’t do this on purpose. He’s lost his job, his reputation is permanently destroyed, he’s been to jail, lost is daughters dog, paid fines and will forever carry around the guilt from this incident. You all look like a lynch mob demanding his head on a stick.

    What you do not know about this man is that he now has to worry about how he’s going to feed his daughters, keep a roof over their head, how he’s going to provide for the mother of his children, how he will ever work again in this community of people who have taken it upon themselves to be the judge, jury and executioner by plastering his face all over the television and internet. All for what? Because he made one poor decision? There isn’t one person reading this that has never made a poor decision. What if one split second decision you made turned your whole entire world upside down?

    This man is the father of my sisters children. I was up with her last night as she made the incredibly difficult decision not to have the father of her children present at the hospital when their daughter was born this morning for fear that perhaps someone would recognize his face. Yes, you’ve all taken that from him too. What more do you all want from him? How much more should him and his family endure because of his poor decision?

    I am in no way defending what he did. He should have never tied Georgia, his 7 month old lab to the back of that scooter. The media has blown this way way out of proportion by claiming that Georgia was a 4 month old puppy and repetitively showing a 3 second clip that is forever embedded in all of your minds. The facts were stretched, twisted and at times completely fabricated. Should he have been more attentive? Sure he should have. This trip was routine for him and Georgia, they had been doing this exact some trip this exact same way for 5 months without incident. After something becomes routine our awareness is not as heightened as it is initially. This goes with anything we do in our daily lives.

    It has been a week and Georgia’s wounds are almost completely healed. Don’t you think it’s about time that you all stop posting, sharing and campaigning against him? Let him bring his daughter and mother of his children home from the hospital and begin picking up the pieces and putting their lives back together.


    • Douglas

      So is was OK to drag the dog because it was 7 months old and not the reported 4 months….how retarded are you really??? Siding with this scab of humanity just shows how useless you are too. I hope he has enough done to him that he has to leave the area…I hope you follow him also.

  • Sarah

    And to answer the question, yes, he is a nurse. He cares for people that cannot care for themselves. He is also a Veteran, a man that signed up to fight for OUR freedom, so that you and I have the privilege of sitting in our homes, watching the 6:00 news, judging him. Sounds like a real monster doesn’t he?

  • Jeanette Lyn

    Sarah, sh#t happens in life. But the fact of the matter is Sam made a poor judgement by pulling the puppy behind a motorized scooter, who does that to a PUPPY? Georgia suffered enough, and I hope Sam never owns another dog, people who comment here are upset, that’s why they comment their freedom of speech.

  • Sarah

    I agree with all of that. What I do not agree with is the fact that the entire video was not shown. I have a problem with half truths and so should you!

  • James

    This guy is so FAT that he had to ride the scooter to take the dog for walk…LOSE SOME WEIGHT FATTY!! That dog does not deserve him as owner because obviously he cant even walk on his own feet. I would love to drag his fat butt behind my truck so he can lose some weight.

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