Local Lawmakers Split on Pension Reform Bill

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Local state lawmakers on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities were split on their votes Tuesday, December 3rd in relation to the pension reform bill.

State Rep. Pat Verschoore called it one of the "most difficult days" he's had as a member of the General Assembly. He released a statement to the press around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday, after he voted in favor of the bill.

"This bill strengthens the existing pension system to ensure retirees will get their benefits," Verschoore said. "It ensures that current employees will have a pension when they retire."

Verschoore was worried the state would not be able to pay for future retirement amounts, if lawmakers didn't act. State Senator Mike Jacobs voted in favor of the bill too. State Rep. Mike Smiddy did not vote in favor of the bill.

Local unions are already reacting to the bill. The union group We are One Illinois is likely to sue over the measure. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says he will sign the bill.

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