Performance teaches Rock Island students healthy eating habits

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A traveling production teaching healthy eating habits took center stage in Rock Island.

FoodPlay aims to make healthy eating more fun by presenting a show encompassing lessons about good habits. The show performed at Rock Island High School to area elementary students on Thursday, November 21, 2013.

During the performance, students follow the story of Johnny Junkfood, who aspires to be a national juggling star, but can’t stop dropping the balls because of his poor eating habits. Johnny gets help from the Coach of the National Junior Juggling Team and the audience to learn how to juggle a “balanced” diet.

While they watch FoodPlay, children are introduced to the USDA MyPlate food guide, learn how to read food labels, and make better choices for a healthy and active lifestyle.

“They’re having fun, they’re getting up, they’re going to dance,” said Stephanie Thompson from FoodPlay Productions. “They’re going to do side stretches with us. They get to call out answers and it really keeps them engaged and they don’t know they’re learning. They’re just absorbing everything.”

According to a spokesperson from FoodPlay Productions, in the last 25 years childhood obesity rates have doubled among elementary students and tripled among teenagers. Since 1982, FoodPlay has reached over 4 million children nationwide. It is considered one of the most effective nutrition organizations in the country.

FoodPlay Productions scheduled a show for November 22 in East Moline.

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