Davenport students create community garden project

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Davenport students are leading a project to get the school involved with gardening.

A student environmental group at Davenport Central High School started a gardening project aimed at getting the whole school community involved.

Pablo Haake, a junior at the school said so far many different student organizations have come together to make the garden, including woodshop students who make the six garden beds.

Haake said they hope to raise awareness of a better lifestyle by encouraging students to eat healthier foods and utilizing the environment.

“I feel that two of the biggest issues facing our generation are issues of nutrition, especially with obesity,” said Haake. “It’s not only environmentally conscientious to get your food from a source near and also just to eat food that grows from the ground, but it also inspires healthy eating habits.”

The students hope the garden can be used within the school- in the cafeteria and in class. Once the gardens are set-up, the next step is deciding what to plant.