Rock Island homeowner dissatisfied with new sidewalk

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Hundreds of miles of sidewalks crisscross the Quad Cities, but one of them came as a surprise when it seemingly popped up overnight.

Mark Nesseler was surprised to see a sidewalk outside of his house.

"We didn't know until there was a big trench that went like almost five to six feet into the yard and then they started pouring the cement," said Nesseler.

Nesseler who lives on the corner of 30th Street and 37th Ave in Rock Island was prepared for some road work to be done, but a sidewalk was news to him.

"It's less mowing, but more shoveling and mowing is a lot easier than shoveling,"said Nesseler.

Some others in the neighborhood say they got a heads up a few months back.

"When we first got the letter in the summer, if it would included the fact that they're putting in a street and a sidewalk, I would have been at the meeting,"said Nesseler.

Along with the sidewalk, comes questions too.

"Just to have it on our side of the street makes no sense,"said Nesseler.

Just across the street, homeowners are in the clear.

"Why would they put the sidewalk on the South side of the street when the North side of the street gets all the sun and it melts so quickly, the snow is never going to melt on my sidewalk,"said Nesseler.

The city's policy is if a new street is put in, at least one sidewalk has to go up and it's left up to engineers to decide on what side of they street it will go on and homeowners left to deal.

"I'll buy a lot of sidewalk chalk for my grand kids and enjoy it," said Nesseler.