Kid’s wish to be Batman comes true

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A child battling leukemia got his wish granted as he lived the life of Batman for a day.

On Friday, November 15, 2013, according to a report by ABC News, 5-year-old Miles Scott from San Francisco has battled leukemia for three years. After going through chemotherapy treatment he is now in remission, and to show that he has community support, the Make-A-Wish Foundation set up a Batman adventure for the boy.

“Batkid” was summoned to serve by Police Chief Greg Suhr, according to the report. Accompanied by a Batman impersonator, Batkid visited a number of crime scenes that were set-up so he could save the city. He rescued a damsel in distress, captured the Riddler robbing a bank, and saved the San Francisco Giants mascot from the Penguin.

ABC said that crowds followed Miles during his day of adventures, cheering him on and watching the events.

A woman who was among the crowd noted how important it is to have a support system.  "I have an extremely strong support system, and I hope he does too. He's such a little hero," she said.

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