Cat reunited with family after five years

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After five years of separation, a Wisconsin family was reunited after their cat, Sammie, thanks to a microchip.

According to a report by the Green Bay Press Gazette, a Racine, Wisconsin had noticed a gray tabby cat hanging around her house for several months. She turned the declawed cat into a local animal shelter for fear that it would not survive the cold weather.

The shelter discovered that the 8-year-old tabby was microchipped so owner Lindsay O’Neill received a call informing her that Sammie had been brought in, according to the report.

“When I saw him I just broke down and cried,” O’Neill said. “It’s really hard because for five years he was without a home. He was roaming the streets.”

Since Sammie had been gone O’Neill’s family had grown, adding a new cat, dog, and another child. The Press Gazette said she was worried the family was unsure if they could take him back, fearing that he had changed.

“As soon as I brought him home within 45 minutes I had some alone time with him,” O’Neill said. “He was purring. He was affectionate, rubbing his body against my legs. He was licking my face, just very loving and that’s who Sammie is.”

Alison Kleibor, the director of the humane society in Racine, said it’s thanks to microchips that seemingly hopeless reunions come true.

“He’s a good cat and I’m so glad he’s home,” O’Neill said.

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