Alleged Burlington bullies in juvenile detention

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Burlington Schools suspended three kids who are suspects in a serious assault investigation.

A video posted to Facebook on Sunday shows three teenagers ganging up on their victim. The video was recorded by a twelve year old girl that was with the three 13 year old kids.

To see the original video click here.

Burlington Schools learned about the video Monday morning, and by Tuesday had suspended the four bullying suspects.

The suspects and the victim attend Aldo Leopold Middle School in Burlington, Iowa.

Derek Baker is an official with the Burlington School District and told News 8 that the case is now in the hands of the Burlington Police.

"The school has suspended the students who were involved and we have turned the video over to the Burlington Police Department for further investigation," said Baker.

Jeff Klein of the Burlington Police Department is leading the investigation.

"The three boys are charged with serious assault and disorderly conduct," he continued, "the young lady that took the video is charged with disorderly conduct," said Klein.

All four suspects have been transferred to the Lee County Juvenile Detention Center.

Although bullying is not considered a crime, Klein says assault is.

"The victim in this case sustained bumps on his head as a result of the assault, so that takes it from simple assault to serious assault because he sustained a bodily injury," said Klein.

The Burlington School District confirmed that the victim is doing fine and is back in school.

But Burlington Schools say bullying will not be tolerated and urge students to speak up about the issue.

"We are learning more and more that there are issues and we encourage our students to step forward if there is a problem, we can help with the issue and hopefully take care of it," Baker said.

Click the link below for suggestions on how you and your child can address a bully.

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