Silvis, Colona, East Moline, United Township hold meeting on consolidation

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The consolidation of Colona, East Moline, Silvis and United Township school districts took its first step Monday night, November 4, 2013, when all four school boards met together for the first time.

“It's going from a small pond, getting thrown into an ocean,” said Janna Miller.

Miller’s kids are a product of the Colona School District.

“And they were already behind,” she said.

As a teacher, Miller also has a hand in the education of the rest of the district’s 462 students.

“I want to make sure that all of our kids are on the same page, that every kid gets the same opportunity to provide to show their best,” said Miller.

That’s why she wants the schools in Colona, East Moline, Silvis and United Township to become one district.

“I think we'll be able to provide a better educational opportunity a better well-rounded education...We're doing a good job but we could do better,” said Miller.

The consolidation plan is in the very beginning stages.

“It would be the beneficial thing for my school district, but I also think it would be the beneficial for the entire East Moline area,” said Kyle Ganson, Superintendent of Colona schools.

In order to consolidate, each board must individually vote in favor of the plan. The Illinois House and Senate could also have a say, and then the issue would be presented to voters, along with a new tax rate, next November.

"We want to get this on the ballot for the people in each of the communities to let them vote and decide on this.  It’s about their school districts, it's about their children and it's important,” said Ganson.

Hampton and Carbon Cliff districts have opted out of the consolidation, but their patrons will have a say in the consolidation because of the potential tax rate change.