Beyond the Green Screen: Halloween Forecast, Facts, and Figures

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We’ve only got a couple of days until the kids roam the neighborhoods with hopes of filling their pumpkins to the rim with candy. Man, I miss those days.

One concern every year is what the weather will be like. Will the little ghouls and goblins look less scary wrapped in sweaters in jackets? This year that shouldn’t be too big of a worry. We’re expecting highs in the low 60s and will probably not stray far from that during trick-or-treat times.
Last year on Halloween it was a little cool outside. We only reached 52°. Our normal Halloween temperature is 58°. The warmest high on record for Halloween in the Quad Cities was 85° taken back in 1950! Now that would be spooky.

As of today it looks like the rain we are expecting on Thursday will end pretty early in the day. If there is any rain late in the afternoon or early evening it would be light. Last year was dry but we do average about a tenth of an inch of rain on the scary holiday.

Hope you have a happy Halloween! happy_halloween_wallpapers_desktop