Beyond the Green Screen: Boo at the Zoo and Lily, Too

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Time is going by so quickly it seems! I can’t believe I just completed another round of passing out candy at Boo at the Zoo. It’s one of my favorite events of the year. Seeing all of the cute kids in their costumes makes your heart melt a little. You just wouldn’t believe how adorable baby pumpkins and monkeys could be.

photo 4
It probably goes without saying that I just had to dress up my little girl, too. Lily is a wicked witch this year. She’s really getting into her character!

Of course she can’t eat the candy so mom will take care of that. No, I don’t actually take her trick-or-treating but I certainly buy candy for at home anyway.
Hopefully you can make it out to Boo at the Zoo on Sunday. It should be warmer and a lot less windy!

photo 1