Auction proceeds go to grieving family

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In March, a house fire in Sherrard took the lives of five people.

Wayne Viager lost his wife and daughter in the fire. Since that day, he and his two boys have been rebuilding.

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Since the incident, items from appliances to clothes have been donated for the family and to their new home. So much was given that the excess items were auctioned.

The money accumulated from the auction will go back to the Viager family.

Angie DeHamer has helped lead and organize the donations that the Viager family received.   Sunday, October 20, she had a booth with treats from cookies to coffee.  The price:  a donation to the Viager family.

"We all just pitched in together and decided that we were going to be one gigantic team and this community has pulled together and done amazing," said DeHamer.

People of all ages came to the auction including young girls who helped bake cookies and muffins for the food booth.

"It took all day yesterday with my friend Millie at her house; we made muffins, scotcharoos, puppy chow, and cupcakes," said one girl.

Those girls, just like Angie DeHamer, didn't know the Viager family until after the fire. Now they have dedicated several hours of their time just to help.

It makes volunteers like Kathy Gochee emotional.

"It brings tears to my eyes seeing how close and generous everyone is," said Gochee.

The event helps prove that when one member of this small community falls, there will be a safety net there to catch them.

"I hope that they are never forgotten and there is always something that someone will do for them whether its a cash donation, gifts, or just stopping to see if they need anything," said DeHamer.

Now the Viagers have a new home and a new life, but will always have the old memories.