Henderson County community help one of their own

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Just a few weeks ago, John Livermore had no idea what the future had in store.

John Livermore is a farmer in Henderson County, Illinois. John, his father, and son farm over one thousand acres.

Livermore fell while loading hogs one day in early October, tearing several tendons in both of his legs. Now, he is in leg braces and unable to bend his legs.

"It's unbelievable you just can't get your head around it," said Livermore.

John had to have emergency surgery that night. Putting harvest season on the back burner.

But today, more than 90 people came out for a "harvest day" at the Livermore farm.

"A couple of real good friends approached me and the family when I was in the hospital and asked what I felt about having a harvest day and having people come in," said Livermore.

Two of John's good friends helped organize the harvest day. There were more than 20 combines, tractors, and semis in the fields.

This small community in Henderson County teaming up to help a friend. Making Steve Wisslead, one of the organizers, proud of his community.

"Of course the combines, tractors, and the semis are the main thrust of this but there is a lot of other people that have helped out too," said Wisslead.

Farmers wives brought drinks to those working, and food was catered by Broadway cafe.

As the sun sets, and the temperature cools on this productive fall Saturday, John Livermore's fields are harvested. A long and hard day of work for the people who participated in the harvest day. John, emotionally can't fit in words how grateful he and his family are.

"Somehow, I hope I can repay all of them in the future," said Livermore.

It will be at least four weeks before John can start rehab. His goal is to be back in the tractor by spring.