Beyond the Green Screen: A Free Trip Around the World

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Today certainly hasn’t been the most picturesque day we’ve seen in awhile. Clouds, light rain and drizzle combined with cool temperatures have been making for a dreary Tuesday. This kind of afternoon is making my weekend getaway sound more and more appealing by the minute. I can’t wait to see the ocean, sand, and sun again.

As with most people it is very rare that I am able to plan a short trip to the coast. When I can’t go and I want to see what’s happening on the beaches of Florida or Costa Rica for that matter, I use Ever since I discovered this website I make a point to check it out from time to time. I find it fascinating to watch what’s going on in the of middle Times Square or what the weather is like from the view of the Eiffel Tower. I think this website is definitely worth checking out and playing around with. You would be surprised of all the different cities from around the world that stream live feeds!

View from the Statue of Liberty:

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