Rock Island High School students build house for refugee family

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Rock Island High School's key club students volunteered alongside the "Habitat for Humanity" on Saturday, October 12, 2013.

Students from Rocky High School volunteered their time to help construct a home located at 916 6th Street, Rock Island from 8-4p.m.

The house is being built for a family of seven from an African refugee family, six of the family members attend Rock Island High School.

Some students from the key club are part of the immigrant community and was excited to tackle such a large project.

Ndagijimana Necode a 19-year-old senior from the Rocky High is friends with the family, she says she was thrilled to help build the home.

"Well they are happy to have this house, it will be like there first house, owning a house, living there, they help others too, so I was very happy to help them,"said Necode.

Teacher Liz Kanter says everyone should do something for a cause greater than themselves.

"I think every human being should take some time out of there busy lives to give back to others because I think it helps center humans and makes us understand that together we need to help one another," said Kanter.

Necode is also from Berundi and says helping people, makes her feel like she is making a difference in the world.

"Helping is good, it changes lives, even though you're helping a little, it doesn't matter how big or little, just help make other people feel good," said Necode.

Senior Nadia Villalpando says she's hopes the family can finally have the life they deserve.

"Build themselves from where they've come from, get jobs and be able to have a home to come home, and be warm in and to just start to live in a better place," said Villalpando.

The Habitat for Humanity selected the family who will receive a interest free loan on the home.

The house isn't expected to be finished until May of 2014.

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  • Fay Mattson

    There are people in the quad cities that are homeless. Why don’t they start building homes for fellow Americans and local people who are in need of homes too. Mabey of charities went to homeless Americans and needy american families.

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