Iowa lake nears completion

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After two and a half decades of effort, a lake in Scott County is almost complete.

Biologists were on site at Lost Grove Lake on Thursday, October 10, 2013 answering questions and talking about some features of the $12 million project.

The site, between Eldridge and Princeton in northern Scott County, was chosen in 1987 to become a lake.

Over the course of 15 years, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources purchased all the land for the project.  Starting in 2003, the project consisted of filling the pool with rain waters and construction of features like boat ramps.

According to a spokesperson from the DNR, fishing will be available in the 22-acre causeway at the upper end of the lake. Dolan expects fishing to be “excellent for most in the summer of 2015.”

The lake features fishing trails accessible by wheelchair, boat and shore angling, and canoe and kayak accesses.

Bluegills, redear sunfish, 5-inch largemouth bass, 11-inch muskies, channel catfish, walleyes, crappies and largemouth bass have already been stocked in the lake. Adult crappies will be added in 2014 and in the fall of 2013 7-inch channel catfish will be added.

Research from the Iowa State University Center for Agriculture and Rural Development has indicated that the lake will provide 350,000 visits per year and create about $20 million in local spending, supporting 175 jobs.

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