A string of burglaries hits Milan, no suspect in custody

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Milan Police are seeking tips from the public after a string of burglaries occurred in their area.

In the most recent incident, someone reportedly broke into Meatheads Meat Market at 520 10th Avenue W. at 2:15 a.m. Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

The owner of the meat market says this is the second time the place has been burglarized in the last week.

Brandon Deroo, a meat butcher at the meat market says for him, coming into work can be scary at times.

"It's just we don't know if it's gonna happen again because they got so much money from us the first time.  We're just afraid that, you know, we're on the top of their list," said Deroo.

The meat market isn't the only place to be burglarized.  The pizza parlor across the street and just a few feet up the road was also ransacked October 8, 2013.

Joe Kibling says this isn't the first time his store has been burglarized, but in the October 8, 2013 burglary, the intruder didn't get away with anything.

"It's getting a little frustrating because it's costing the business money," said Kibling.

Kibling also said he believes a drifter passing through town could be responsible for the burglary, but he isn't absolutely positive.

Milan Police have been working on the case and are now asking the public to help find the person or persons who could be responsible for these burglaries.

"(If) they see someone out walking that's suspicious, they know their neighbors better than we do at times.  Call us, we will come out and see who's walking around your neighborhood," said Milan Police Detective Christopher George.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers if they have any information about the burglaries.