Local Football Alum Get Ready for Rocky-Alleman Alumni Game

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Alleman High School and Rock Island High School met on the football field this past Friday night and the two schools will do the same next Sunday, October 13th, 2013. This game will be played by alumni, though.

It has been awhile since many of the players have strapped on the pads. However, while their age my be different, the excitement of playing in a rivalry game is still the same.

"The Alleman-Rocky Rivalry has been going on for how many years and it's going to continue next Sunday, but hopefully we can do it again in the future," says Rock Island Alum, Scott Bullock.

A conference title isn't on the line, but it's still a big game for the guys. Some say it's a chance for some payback for those who lost their final match-up in high school.

"It means the best to me, because we lost my senior year and junior year so just to get back out here and win - that will set a lot of the old aggression," says Rock Island Alum, Lonnie Jones.

"In my four years, we never beat Rock Island," says Alleman Alum, Ryan McGinnis. "Our last year we played them for the conference title and they whooped us so there's definitely some bad blood so it should be heated up again."

The game will feature full-contact and full pads, which makes players a little worried about possible injuries.

"The challenge is stay healthy and not get hurt because we have to go to work the next day, but that's it - to stay healthy and stick to what you need to do to, but we're ready," says Jones.

"That's about the only thing in my mind - just don't get hurt," says McGinnis. "Don't break my leg or arm and we're all good."

And while it's just one afternoon, the game is a chance for the players to rewind the clock and revisit their playing days.

"I haven't strapped on a football pad in five years and thought I'd never strap them on again and now we're getting to relive the old glory days for one Sunday and it's definitely something everybody's looking forward to," says McGinnis.

The game is next Sunday, October 13th at Rocky Stadium. Kick-off is set for 1:00pm.

More alumni games are on the way to the Quad Cities. "Alumni Football USA" is working to put together a game between Moline and United Township in 2014.