World premiere performed by Quad City Symphony Orchestra

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The lights shined bright and all eyes were on the Quad City Symphony Orchestra Saturday, October 5, 2013 at the Adler Theater in Davenport.

Michael Torke, a well respected composer, brought his most recent work to be premiered in the Quad Cities. The song, Oracle, has never been performed until Saturday.

"It will be the first piece on the program, it's called Oracle, and it will be a world premiere," said Torke.

It was a long day for performers of the Orchestra. In the early afternoon, the sound of violins rang the ears of those at the Adler Theater. The energy could be felt from outside of the theater.

Next, a premiere party was held at The Office in downtown Davenport. Following the premiere party was the concert.

Those like Deborah Dakin perform in the orchestra and want people to know that classical music is still alive.

"People think classical music is only something that has been written in the past, but it's not," she continued, "It's being written today," said Dakin.

Others like Naha Greenholtz, who is the concertmaster, welcomed the opportunity of working with a composer.

"It's always very exciting for us to get to work with a composer," said Greenholtz.

Composer Michael Torke wasn't the only award winning musician in attendance. Soloist Jonathan Biss and others were among those performing.

When the lights go down, the music will stop, but the honor and privilege the Quad City Symphony Orchestra received, will last a lifetime.

Those who could not catch the concert Saturday will have an opportunity on Sunday. The orchestra will be performing at Sentential Hall at 2 pm. Tickets are still available.