Hundreds of knitted hats donated by Iowa man

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An Iowa man knitted hundreds of hats to donate to local charities.

According to a report by KCRG, it took Tim Patterson about a half-a-year to knit the 600 hats that he gave to the Salvation Army. The project was his wife’s idea, and Patterson accepted it, and got to work.

“The first thing I said to the family is, “I’m going to do 250 of these and donate them,”” Patterson said. The charity project turned much larger than he had originally expected.

“It was the dead of winter and he was very bored,” said Kathy Patterson, Tim’s wife. “So he was willing to pick up the loom and pick up some yarn and give it a try.”

Tim Patterson suffers from poor health and low mobility and was anxious to get started with the activity.  As he got better at the skill, one hat would take about an hour to finish, and a more complicated one would take about three, according to the report.

“Here I am and now I’m going to start right now for next year,” Tim Patterson said.

The Salvation Army plans to use the hats in clothing giveaways and to outfit the bell ringers.

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  • Sandi Krick

    what a great story!! When I did chemo in Madison WI they had a basket at the nurse’s station that was filled with stocking caps you could take, that someone had made and donated…..they kept my head warm after I lost all my hair…..I was greatly appreciative to the people that had made those hats…….!! keep up the good work Tim!!

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