Davenport theater class helps students with Autism

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Dealing with Autism can be extremely challenging for both kids and their parent, but a local theater class is helping everyone learn much more than acting skills.

Davenport Junior Theatre launched a program to reach youth with Autism. After great success, their classes have doubled in size and now their offerings are being expanded.

"We initially started the program to help kids on the autism spectrum, but really quickly found out that the skills we're teaching can help kids with all kinds of disabilities," said teacher Jessica Sheridan.

Underneath the fun and the games students are learning valuable lessons. The two classes are designed to help them with impulse control and social anxiety.

"With the kids not only feeling more comfortable with us and the program, but also feeling more comfortable with the skills we're giving them," said Sheridan.

They're also giving them the confidence to be themselves.

"It's that creative outlet where kids can come and use their imagination and be creative," said Sheridan.

The classes are twelve week-long sessions.  At the end of that session the students will perform a play on stage.

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