Missing man search continues

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The search continued today for the 28 year old missing man from Moline.

Search crews met again this morning, but this time they had two search dogs with them. One of the dogs, Indigo, has had two years of training for searching for live bodies, and crews are hoping that was the missing tool.

"Basically she just takes an article of clothing and tracks it until she can't go any further with it," said Anthony Hammock, the owner of Indigo.

Family, friends, and complete strangers united together to search for Harker.

Korby Jackson has known David Harker for over two years. They work together at John Deere.

Jackson described Harker as friendly, outgoing, and always talking about his kids.

"Hopefully the good lord can lead us to him," said Jackson.

Jackson was joined by three people today, their search began behind the iWireless Center, and led them around downtown Moline.

Checking parks, ponds, and everywhere in between, just hoping to find anything.

"Hopefully we can find some kind of clue a phone, a shoe, wallet, something like that to help indicate where he has been," said, Jackson.

Hundreds of people filed into Stephens Park, digging through leaves and dirt.

While some crews are on the street looking, others are posting on the "Help Find David Harker" Facebook page. The page has received thousands of "likes" in just hours.

Now, there is a missing person reward.

Family, friends, and the community are hoping someone can step up and provide the next piece of information needed, to find David.

"If he is out there somewhere hopefully if he hears somebody or sees somebody he has got enough strength in him to holler out and shout," Korby Jackson stated.

So now the search continues, and crews are growing in size.

Link to Facebook Page "Help Find David Harker"