Sophomore returns to school in honor of brother

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Josh Bousman is a 24-year-old who returned to school to honor his brother who passed away.

Bousman’s older brother, Matt, passed away a year ago and Bousman said his brother always encouraged him to continue his education beyond high school. Bousman is now a sophomore at Black Hawk Community College, and playing on the golf team.

“He’d always tell me I was going to go to college after high school,” Bousman said. “I took one year off, one year turned into five years. When he passed away I went back to school to show him I could do it.”

Bousman said his teammates on Black Hawk’s golf team have become great friends and a support system.

Teammates applaud him for returning to school and following through on his promise.

The sophomore said in his daily life, he tries to be friendly to others, saying ‘hi’ and introducing himself, and asking about their day.

“All it could take is saying hi to one person to change their life forever,” said Bousman.