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Preparing for Winter

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The air filled with salt Monday as Moline prepared for winter. But this year, the method to fighting snow and ice will be different.

BEET 55 Concentrate will be added to salt to combat snowy conditions on the roads.

The product is derived from sugar beets and is grown in the upper climates of North America.

Department of Public Works Mike Bartels is optimistic about the product.

"We lower our labor and material cost by roughly 30 to 40 percent", he continued, "We don't use nearly the amount of salt we used to."

Adding the beat concentrate enhances the effectiveness of melting snow and ice, meaning less salt will be used, which results in less long term damage to the roads.

Mike Demaray of Smith Fertilizer and Grain supplies cities with BEET 55 and explained how effective it is.

"It will adhere to the pavement, in which you will have a four to five day residual, so it lifts the snow up so it's easier to plow."

States like Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, and Ohio  have had success with BEET 55.

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